Maximizing Biz Value

Business Value AnalysisAs we begin, we start analyzing your privately held company’s business value with an online complimentary review. This analysis is based on principles and laws of business value that go along with your specific situation. You might be thinking about transitioning or optimizing your business value so, we tailor the report to your needs. After discussing your business with an international team we formulate suggestions and then report untapped business value.

Some of our services may include;

Merging of Two Privately Held Entities

Business Value Analysis and Optimization

Target Identification of Buy-out

Leveraging Options


Exiting Assistance

Interim Management

We are your expert in business value analysis. As you begin to formulate a foundation of business value in preparation for a transition, buy-out, or value move we are there to assist you. We use propriety ways to get at the heart of your company’s business value while documenting systems and processes that are not in the accounting books, so, a future buyer or investor will be able to access them.

Business Value Analysis

We record all activities in a business value plan. Typical marketing and business plans do not mention a business value strategy or business value. The business value plan may include a marketing plan but it encompasses the entire company’s history of business value. As this plan evolves future buyers and investors are able to watch your business grow thereby making you more money. Read how we have successfully helped other businesses.

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Business Value AnalysisGet a report of un-tapped business value (a $750 value), the book, 14 Immutable Laws of Business Value, and our team’s suggestions.