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Business Value Culture

Business Value Culture

Business culture gets to the core of business value. It begins with the word (s), phrases, emotional lexicons and identifiers. However, the meanings are in each employee (Owner, teams, production/service) not in the word. An old professor (Tiemans) at the University of Utah once said, “meanings are in people not in the word,” in class back in the 80’s. As we develop a reference to certain cultures the importance of selecting the “right” word or words becomes apparent for moving forward with a business value culture. A culture that viberates throughout the industry and market place. Where little if any advertising is needed. And savvy buyers are bustling to find-out what you are doing and want it.

From starting a new business to leading a team an organization culture and structure could make a difference in the bottom line. Carefully placed words from research could begin to make a world of a difference in the work environment, promotional copy, hiring copy, employee training, social media descriptions-wherever there is a relationship. However, while moving towards the ideal business organization where the Owner works on the business and not in it brings the most business value. You cannot sell your business with you in it. See the chart below of a representation of the transition from a typical organization to an ideal business organization.Maximizing Business ValueFrom the chart above you’ll notice it takes a lot to bring the culture and organization to an ideal business organization. It all begins with the words. What words are you using?

The culture permeates throughout the entire company and reaches outward. With the right business value culture a business does no or little advertising. Download a case study of the Gore company with the form below.  W.L.Gore did zero advertising. Yet, Packinowski started building a formidable culture with each employee that evolved throughout the organization.

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HOW could you move your organization towards an ideal business organization with a solid culture while increasing value over $210,000 with $0 cost?  See an example on page, 12 in the book, !4 Immutable Laws of Business Value”. Of course, always have more than an HR manual but start early with ways an employee could engage in equity. There are several ways to do this. As you begin to unfold your culture begin with the ending in mind, like Covey would suggest while having the meanings of words foremost in your mind. Ask one of our experienced Advisors on the way to evolve a more solid culture foundation for higher retention and less advertising while increasing business value. We offer an online complimentary review of your particular situation.


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