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Laws of Business Value Maximizing Business Value Principles of Business Value

14 Immutable Laws of Business Value E-Book

Violate them at your own risk! What is your company worth? How are you going to increase the value of your business 300-600% this year? The principles and laws in this book are either working for or against your business right now. Get a free introduction to be in the know. Get a free introduction […]

Maximizing Business Value

Retirement Income?

Not too many Business Owners will use this equation before it is too late; business value – business debt = business equity + personal equity = retirement income. One small change in business value in the above equation could make a Business Owner $100,000s for retirement. What is it? How much do you need to […]

Principles of Business Value

An Ideal Organization

What is the Ideal Business Organization Model? From the picture above you could visualize how a business might have the ideal business organization, at the sale. Just like a business, you cannot sell a car with the owner driving it. You might not be thinking about selling now but every Business Owner either shuts the […]