CEO Analyzer – The Ideal Organization Structure

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Preliminary Exit Planning

A company’s value is less with the Owner working inside the business,from, 14 Immutable Laws of Business Value, Rule 12, Pg. 26..

Finding the “right” people for a successor and team players while moving towards an “ideal business” model could be one of the most difficult organizational structure changes a Business Owner participates in. This software tool along with a proprietary process has been designed to assist a Business Owner or HR Manager with this vital initiative. Without this tool it would be virtually impossible to fine-tune the culture, employees and processes for building value.

Start evolving your company’s culture and organization closer to an ideal organizational structure” utilizing CEO Analyzer and an Advisor’s guidance. Connect with a Senior Ambassador on the contact page for a complimentary review of your situation.

Ask about our Ideal Organization Structure certification at the International Business Value Institute.