Ambassador of Business Equity

Building more business value that equates to business equity is not luck. If selected, learning the fundamentals of business value and devising a strategy with one-on-one sessions starts you on a new advising adventure. We will help you one-on-one with the principles and laws of business value and also during the intial advising with your clients. Certification in advanced areas at the International Business Value Institute is available to further learn the software and STS Business Equity System used to leverage business value. We want you and your clients to succeed.

If you are currently advising, we blend what you are doing with what we are doing to increase your sales. The classes are one-on-one and in groups.


Where do I start? If you feel you are qualified and have some business savvy then Click this link and set a time for an interview. Then email your resume to advising at Candidates are carefully selected depending on their experience and their business acumen.


David, you engaged me in an inviting session on the services and benefits of Growth Concepts. The idea and opportunity has re-ignited my passion for working with businesses and entrepreneurs. I’m excited about the next steps. and joining the team. Thanks so much, Aynn Daniels

Wow Coaching session was Amazing today.
Delighted to be the part of this innovative learning.

My focus is to have Earning & Learning moving with Velocity by Being with You.



I took the Business Value courses with Mr. David Whipple and it was very interesting.

He helped me a lot not solving my existing business problems but helping me a lot with a better understanding with “what is business value all about” so I could assist my clients. A consulting practice is more than a problem/solution proposal and the implementation of this, it is a deep understanding first of the value pillars and drivers that a business has and the way to combine them to make an earning move. It is an intuitive process, with the right metrics and finding the best combination of them, you can have different scenarios an measure them in order determine what is the best (low cost and more impact) earning move to maximize business value.

He helps me also in a new way of thinking, more than giving me the answers or the solutions. Further this holistic point of view support me to think a company like a whole function, more than the sum of parts.

I believe in this consulting practice, and I think that is a new way on doing consulting practice these days, where consultant company charge a lot of money to do things, this way they can start introspecting differently and improve their selves.

Thanks Dave for all your goodwill that makes me motivated in developing this new business practice in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Best Regards

Freddy Melhem (BS)

Alto Value inc., Buenos Aires



Hello David, you are really helpful, and good motivator. This is interesting for me everytime I listened you, opened me new ideas.

What I learned for the last 5 months from you, all these, really improved my ideas.

I didn’t use and know, before I met you, Linked in, Trello, Zoom meeting, and Business Value comprehension.

My intention is to move forward and learn the Business Value logic with your assistance. So thanks a lot, for all, appreciated, David.

Regards, Abdullah VİÇE