14 Immutable Laws of Business Value

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Online Complimentary Review

Click and set a time to get a third party’s view of your situation ($2,750.00 value).

We will be using the principles and laws found in the book, “14 Immutable Laws of Business Value” and the experience of a team of Ambassadors to find un-tapped business value. Below is the format of the online complimentary review:

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Format of Online Review

Initial meeting (approximately 45 minutes)

It is on Zoom or Skype. We would like you to be in a quiet and comfortable setting on your Desktop Computer or Laptop. Be prepared to answer 20 questions about your business. This is for Business Owners/C-Level Managers Only. Honest answers are better for you and us since they will reflect on the results of the report. Everything will be kept confidential.


Second Meeting for Report (approximately 45 minutes)

Same as above but a report will be given. Listen carefully how we apply the principles and laws to your specific situation. Listen to the report with good intent and realize our team has met several times, discussed the data, analyzed the data and put hours into creating the report. This is a time for questions and answers too. There is no obligation to buy or engage our services.

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This report is not a proposal to do work. Growth Concepts is not liable for any implementation attempted by the Owner of the business with the above without first stabilizing the company’s business value and then an extensive exploration of options to move the business to the next plateau. Companies with whom we work realize up to a thirty percent increase in discretionary earnings, with a corresponding increase in owner’s equity of 2.5 to 3.0 times this amount. Finally, Value strategies are identified specific to your business, allowing you to potentially attain this same increase in value with an earnings move.

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specific situation.

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14 Immutable Laws of Business Value

Side-Gig of Business Advising

Are you thinking about setting up your own side-gig? Are you ready to give back to business owners/managers? This is not a full-time job, but, one or two hours a week, maybe Thursday night or Saturday afternoon? We are looking for strategic partners that have the drive and experience to help small business owners maximize their company’s business value.

Many people are looking at ways in which they could make a little more income but, more import give back a little from what they have learned. They want the freedom of being their own boss and to be able to choose their own hours of work. Plus, get a little more of that green stuff. Sometimes, there are better options than a brick and mortar business or PT job.

Leaving a full-time career can be quite a scary prospect, however (We do not suggest this so read below the step-by-steps.) the security of having a regular income and other benefits such as a pension and a share save scheme can seem hard to let go. We are sure many people whether rightly or wrongly have opted to stick with this security and to merely keep their idea with no business plan, as an idea, which they never see. Don’t worry we have a proven business advising system.

Other people are willing and happy to take the risk and see it as a way of getting out of the rat race. But, often fail. They really want too but are not taking the necessary steps to succeed. This gives in to failure and again failure. Why not do it the right way the first time and use a turn-key system?

There is not much to starting an online advising business if you have a proven system and mentor. But starting a new business could be tough. When you have an idea for a new business you then need to think of a name, products, services, pricing strategy etc…. And as you know, it is all in the name and partnerships. We suggest having a memorable benefit with 3 or 4 syllables. It obviously needs to have something to do with the business sector you are entering. And is appealing to the ear but most of all will your target audience realize what you are selling immediately. We have a few other requirements too, but guide you though the maize to help you succeed.

You then need to work out how much money you will need to set-up the new business or executive consultancy. This can be quite daunting but is essential. A quick forecast with a unique excel formula will give you some ideas on how much you need to start with and what you need to be making in the first few years so you could be in a million-dollar business in 3 to 5 years. Click to set a time with an Ambassador of Business Equity to go over this spreadsheet on the contact page-it could prevent failure and helps to establish realistic goals.

It is possible, but, in the short term,  we would advise keeping these start-up costs as low as possible, you can always lease or rent better machinery in the future as an example. But, if you cannot do it with a pencil, paper, and smartphone (like an executive consultancy) at first look elsewhere. A desktop computer and internet connection help along with a printer, camera and good smartphone. Keep bootstrapping in mind-don’t give-up your equity.

Once you are aware of how much money you need, you then have to do a little sales forecasting (Keep the end in mind) and developing the concept with a break-even analysis while using the basic mission statement, milestones etc… Probably, the first task you have after a communication strategy is to find new customers. Don’t worry, we will help you with this. You may have enough business yourself via previous contacts, however, most people are not in this position. If you do not have enough contacts to start, you could try via the family, by referral marketing and FB -these are lowcost. There are also many digital marketers ready to help starting around $2,500 for a website, branding and getting you leads but, we have better ways.

There are many ways of doing this yourself including:


Direct marketing in the form of emails

Trade Shows

Social Media

We would advise finding out where other people from your industry advertise as they will have tried and tested many of the above options. Remember, we know what works. Sites like ENTREK only sell a website and connections for $5,000 so, shop wisely if you are going to get a digital marketer. You still have to sell-doomed for failure. There are thousands of ways to advertise plus the content is crucial and the way the ad is written, laid-out, colors etc…. If someone has done it before get their know-how.

Do you know how to charge for your product or service? What is your pricing strategy? We always keep these charges fairly low at the outset in order to attract as many people as you can and to get some income in. Then you hope that word of mouth will take over and the idea is that after a few months you will be in a position to increase your fees.

It is also important to realize that we will make mistakes along the way. When this happens we need to think positive and not to beat ourselves up. Having self-confidence is one of the keys to success. It is an experience we can all learn from.

Always have belief in yourself and the business. At times any business will go through a rocky period, this is when we need to be strong. In our opinion, the more work we put in, the more rewards we are likely to obtain. This is often the time you would like a mentor or someone to keep you accountable to your objectives and milestones that you originally set. Sometimes adjustments are required but stick to your plan and work it.

Finally, self-discipline is one of the keys to your success. Being able to choose your own hours of work may seem like a dream but it can prove to be many people’s downfall. We have to ensure that we work the required amount of hours-1 or two a week. It is far too easy to stay in bed for that extra hour or to arrange yet another game of golf when working a job. These things are fine once you are in an established business, but this is a long way off at this stage. Take it step-by-step, even baby steps if needed with an Ambassador of Business Equity so you are not getting off track. Contact us for a review of your career situation and a discussion of an Executive Consultancy for advising not coaching small business. If you are looking for something to give back to the community follow this link.

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14 Immutable Laws of Business Value

Maximizing Business Value Tip 2

While working with businesses for over 20 years Mr. Whipple found that an Owner, working in the business, often caused potential Buyers concerns, while lowering the value of a business or making it unsaleable. He even developed a proprietary software tool used for helping the Owner move-out of her/his business towards the ideal organizational model. As you know, an absentee owner business is more valuable and sought after than an Owner-run business. This includes relinquishing all responsibilities of sales too. READ an example of how applying this one principle (Working on the business, not in it.) could make a Business Owner $100,000s in the book “14 Immutable Laws of Business Value”.

Others have talked about this principle like the E-Myth and this article (number 5). But they do not give specific examples of how following it could increase business value. Get a complimentary review of your specific situation on the contact page.

14 Immutable Laws of Business Value Business Value Drivers and Pillars Business Value Services

Maximizing Business Value – Tip 1

Recognizing Business Value

Businesses look like any other business until you know what to look for. We know, stepping outside of your business and looking into the different workings of fundamental business value principles is tough. For example, it is hard to understand a law of nature like magnetism and all its effects. Yet, we see the push and pull of different objects with it’s power. Same with business value. The books and records show us some “value” but there are more fundamental working in your business like turn-over, customer repeats and average sale that typical accounting misses yet are core to business value. To find the intangibles working in your business, start by reading the principles and laws of business value in “14 Immutable Laws of Business Value”. Learn how they could push your business value up.