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Becoming an Ambassador of Business Equity

“Begin with the ending in mind.” Stephen Covey.

Are you thinking about expanding your current consulting? Or starting/transitioning to an Executive Consultancy for more retirement income? Get on the path and join a world-wide consortium of Ambassadors of Business Equity supporting small and midsize businesses. We are maximizing a company’s value for more business equity – closing the retirement gap faster than other ways for Business Owners.

Some benefits of becoming part of the consortium:

    • Proven STS Business Equity System (video)
    • World-Wide Network and Teams
    • Reoccurring Revenue
    • Big Company Metrics
    • Marketing Assistance
    • Virtual Office
    • E-Library
    • Selling Materials

If you are selected to get on the path for more equity, we have available certificates, courses and mentoring in a non-traditional e-learning environment at the International Business Value Institute. Whether you have an existing consultancy or want to get on the path of building more equity we have a place for you.

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