We are in the initial stages of forming e-distributoships around the world. If you are an Executive that is looking for a PT or FT position with a flexible schedul we have several Ambassadors of Business Equity that are searching for top Executives (See job ad below). However, some Executives have decided they would like to transition from a job to owning their own Executive Consultancy to close the retirement gap. Read more on becoming an Ambassador of Business Equity.

Below are the basic requirements for the PT Online Business Advisor position:

Growth Concepts is a world-wide consortium of Executive Consultants maximizing business value from a holistic view. This is not a telephone coaching or MLM company.� We are a team of hardworking associates passionate about connecting with businesses across distance and time. We are online with proprietary software tools.

Growth Concepts recruits and finds people with the goal of having them work in the city they reside – usually from a virtual, home, or business office while reaching-out to businesses around the world. We want our independent associates to work with pre-established business relationships. This allows our associates to work with local and possibly international businesses while enjoying the benefits of family and friends.

This position has an understanding of business models and the internet, and a high level understanding of business consultive selling.

Basic requirements for the Business Advisor:

  • College degree in business or marketing with an IMC background preferred.
  • Excellent presentation and communication skills.
  • Minimum 10-15 year�s prior success in business.
  • Must be able to demonstrate the ability to present dynamic proposals focused on ROI selling and be able to demonstrate the ability to close the sale.
  • Creative, imaginative leadership. Recommend technologies and solutions that drive business value.
  • Must be able to move safely through and adapt to varied and unpredictable business environments.
  • Must be able to do routine arithmetic and analysis calculations and learn about standard financial statements.
  • Computer literacy.
  • Mature, professional appearance.
  • Little or no Travel. Must have own transportation and computer.

The successful Associate is:

  • A positive, understanding, listening person.
  • A self-starter that can work independently and with a team.
  • A good �undercover person�: Able to grasp the fundamentals of how businesses operate underneath the surface.
  • There is no cold calling however follow-up with solid leads is a must.


There are no upfront training costs. This are certifications, courses and mentoring within the International Business Value Institute to further you education. We have a corporate culture that encourages creativity,innovation, initiative, and discovery.


Your compensation is based on performance, with an escalating commission and bonuses keyed to a percentage of selected programs with an earning potential of $100K + at plan.

If you feel you are qualified for the above position send a C.V. or resume to us at the contact page.

We respect your right for privacy and will not share your information without your consent. We follow HIPPA, ADA, FLMA, EEOC and all other HR laws at the Federal and State levels.