14 Immutable Laws of Business Value

Maximizing Business Value Tip 2

While working with businesses for over 20 years Mr. Whipple found that an Owner, working in the business, often caused potential Buyers concerns, while lowering the value of a business or making it unsaleable. He even developed a proprietary software tool used for helping the Owner move-out of her/his business towards the ideal organizational model. As you know, an absentee owner business is more valuable and sought after than an Owner-run business. This includes relinquishing all responsibilities of sales too. READ an example of how applying this one principle (Working on the business, not in it.) could make a Business Owner $100,000s in the book “14 Immutable Laws of Business Value”.

Others have talked about this principle like the E-Myth and this article (number 5). But they do not give specific examples of how following it could increase business value. Get a complimentary review of your specific situation on the contact page.