Perceived Needs

Understanding Potential customer’s/candidate’s Perceived Needs begins the understanding Business Value. This is only done with word dynamics reseach. Perceived needs are not, what you think they want. But, what do they really need, based on researched data, begins an understanding of needs. Yet, getting to outside-in thinking really must take place for understanding perceived needs. If you think you know customer’s perceived needs without third party research you are guessing. Finding what potential customers really need, from their perspective, with verifiable data and how it relates relates to your products/services begins business with careful question development. Then best practice surveys, statistics and data collection methods begin to unfold your culture for optimizing business value.

Often times a company guesses about potential customer’s needs. Blending needs with benefits to create promotional copy, writing a job ad for new team members or developing a product takes specialized training and experience with perceived needs. Getting your message closer to the words that mean the actual “needs” of potential and loyal customers brings could bring more business if in the right path or mix. Creating compelling messaging that results in more job is an evolving process along with ongoing improvement. These activities get to the core of maximizing business value. Don’t forget the numbers.

What are the real needs of your potential customers? Finding the actual perceived needs are vital to a start-up or established business in developing a solid customer base and team. Without specific words that mean the perceived needs then a company’s culture begins to fail. However with careful blending of the perceived needs to form team culture, promotional copy, customer service and sales then growth happens. Find your potential customer’s perceived needs starting with a complimentary analysis.