What is your current business equity? Business Value is at the core of the business equity cycle that yields to more retirement income. View the diagram below for the cycle of business equity:


From the equity chain above, one change in business value dramatically changes your retirement income. For example, if you leveraged business value by increasing price 3%, margin 3% and decreasing advertising 3% the bottom line increases over 20%. That single move dramatically increases business value 60% and your retirement income more depending on your situation. See our full services.

Do you have a business or side gig? If, you do have a real part-time business, not a mlm or affiliate program, follow this link. If not, and are thinking about a new side business, that is real? There are many investments to leverage to get more income (some not). See the chart below. What is best for you?

Big Picture of Investments

From the chart above, owning a business gives you a chance to leverage plus make 300% return on investment with maximum business value. Ask if it better to buy an established business or start one on your own. We could help you with finding the best investment for your time and money. Submit the form below for an online complimentary review of your business situation.

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