Analyzer I

Words are not the same in L.A. as in Provo, Utah

You already know, one word and or phrase in an ad could make the difference between the “right” people or no applications. Knowing what words form business value in your business are crucial to a value initiative.  What words form your company’s business value?

Word dynamics research begins to unfold the power of deep-set words/phrases within your company. Without assistance with Analyzer I no human mind could examine all the ways and possibilities of the power of a word that for your business value. See one semantic relevance/word power analysis screen of Analyzer I below used in word dynamics research for maximizing business value:

Analyzer I 1

CEO Analyzer Screen Shot

From the above screen shot you could begin to understand the complexity of finding and defining the words/phrases that create your company’s culture and percived needs that forms business value. No human brain could do it without the right software application and ways. Ask for a complimentary review of your particular situation.

Below are three examples of words/phrases in different situations within an earnings move for more business value:

Example 1: A local business had 2 people selling and wanted to grow. What HR processes could get the “right” people in for the low paying positions while bringing in new sales? After word dynamics research new job ads and descriptions were formed with a sales culture. After interviewing many new candidates for the positions a few new sales people were selected and then trained in the selling process. Over $20,000,000 potential sales resulted in the following months. Balancing sales people and field people for the company became a new management discussion.

Example 2: An Ancient American Author had a great website but he needed more buying visitors to his website. All likely key words were being used by competitors. How did he find unique emotional lexicons that lead potential readers to purchase more books? From word dynamics research using offline and online searched words leading to thousands more in sales.

Example 3: There were three businesses but the Owner was only working two from the complimentary review. An e-commerce site, wholesale and manufacturing business all running but, the wholesale business had no sales force so the customer base had dwindled. After testing the new scripting and hiring a sales manager sales began to climb. Proving the market was still viable of the wholesale business would make the deal sweeter for a potential buyer. So, what unique way did we use to start building the wholesale business customer base? There are no second chances. You must know what to do and say so, you do not loose that first potential customer with a new sales team. Ask us about how the sales went to prove the market place and the business sale went making the Owner millions.

Example 3: A review of a 26 million dollar merger showed there was no integration of messaging with the new products. Everything else was in order, but, somehow messaging for the six products was overlooked. How would the merging business team’s know a selling proposition? What would they say or advertise to potential customers? With word dynamics research that eliminates guessing of key benefits and power words, we blended new messaging with the teams resulting in $100,000s in sales. Ask for an online complimentary review of your particular situation.