Why work on the business not in it?

Working on the business and not in it could add $100,000s of business value to your concern (depending on implementation). In the book “14 Immutable Laws of Business Value” is an example of how this one principle, brings a Buyer, closer to the ideal organizational model (where the Owner is not in the business) while making the potential Buyer around $200,000. See the different view.

So, finding the “right” person for a successor or new position for management while moving towards an ideal organizational model (where the Owner is not in the business) is critical for Seller and Buyer. Not only could the Seller lose $26k when a hourly employee leaves or $56k when a salaried employee leaves, but, the Seller’s initiatve would be put back for months. This could be one of the most difficult organizational structure changes a Business Owner or Buyer participates in. CEO Analyzer assists by making intagibe human attributes more tangilbe in the hiring decision making process, so, finding the best candidate for the open position is made easier.

CEO Analyzer has been designed to assist a small Business Owner/Buyer or HR Manager with this vital initiative. If you are contemplating restructuring, exiting or making a personnel change this tool helps in the culture, job and  hiring process development so finding the “right” one for the position is easier. Start evolving your business closer to an “ideal business” model utilizing CEO Analyzer. Look at different scenarios using the tool with an Advisor or HR manager. Without a basic culture, organizational structure with purpose and this tool you’ll be guessing about your personnel decisions.

What is the future of HR?

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