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We are all about maximizing a company’s value with principles and laws of business value for more business equity. We use the book, 14 Immutable Laws of Business Value for the principles and laws, software tools, and mentoring for a custom Online Executive Consultancy for you. This turn-key system fits with almost any schedule and the Executive willing to learn and move forward in their career.

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Most Business Consultants fail because they get the client and do common activities for sales the Owner could do or an employee. They might have a basis in accounting or sales but not why business owners are in business. Their consulting terms are short and unrepeatable. This often leads to searching for more and more clients that bogs down the consultant.

A successful Advisor assisting 10 to 20 clients a month knows that getting the big client is not top priority. One that pays for advertising, a new website and new equipment will soon find himself in debt and lack of customers. Without a foundation based in principles and laws of business value with a systematic proven approach, she or he will fail.

How many outstanding Business Professors and CPAs that you know are not in Business Advising FULL-TIME? Ask me how many business consultants I have seen come and go that get significantly get more clients than most. And guess what, I book 10 times as many gigs as they do and earn over 6 times their income!

How? I have developed proven business value strategies that ALL successful businesses need for maximizing their company’s value. These unique methods were learned over the years while working with the best business owners and brokers in the industry. From delis to manufacturing, online, and offline, you are guaranteed to build a 6 figure Online Executive Consultancy. These proven ways are with software tools and mentoring for you to succeed.

The Business Side Of An Online Executive Consultancy is Rewarding

Most consultants who adapt my proven methods STOP SELLING! That’s right they don’t SELL after the first year. In fact, many of the advisors that book 3 or 4 clients a year don’t sell at all. And I support it 1000% and so does their bottom line.

You see a successful business consultant that wants to make more than your average small businessman cannot be selling every day, answering the calls, sending out newsletters, writing reports, etc. There just isn’t enough time in the day or energy.

However, with my online strategies, I make it all fun. Either way, we are going to make a lot of money together doing what you love.

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Mr. Whipple found during his 35 plus years of advising, that most improvement initiatives did not consider business value nor were they leveraging business value/equity. Most are cost-cutting, advertising and productivity measures that do not necessarily add to business value. The book, 14 Immutable Laws of Business Value along with the specialized forecasting tools and analysis tools begin a foundation of an Executive Consultancy for maximizing a company’s value. Where the Owner and Advisor finds a WinWin.


Introducing The Executive Consultancy
The System To Building
A Successful Advising Business

This way is your chance to save over 35 years of trial & error and stay ahead of the changing strategies that I use to bring millions of unexpected dollars to the broker’s table.

You will instantly start booking clients using the approach and if you are already established you will learn new techniques that add 5 additional streams of income while lowering cost. I guarantee it!

Why Become A Business Value Advisor

Is being an advisor right for you? We will go over things you need to consider before giving up that day job including what you can expect to earn.

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Other consultants hate me for giving new business advisors/business owners this information, but you need it and I want my readers to have an open look into this business and the changing strategies. From SEO to email, I am constantly updating the methods we use to book clients and I include them in online Trello sales  and equity planning.

Setting Up Your Advising Business

From naming your business to branding, you will get a huge head start on do’s and don’ts including licensing, regulations, corporate structure and insurance. Yet, we are focused on business value and equity at the get go.

Reputation Management

Since when did reputation play such a big part in booking clients? Well, since someone could go online and write a bad review! I have developed a fool proof method to keep the bad reviews off the popular sites, while gaining the most poetic positive reviews. 2020-21 is the year of reputation!

Choosing The Right Tools

Your type of consulting business will determine the type of tools and reports you choose to purchase, however, let me make it easy for you and get clients to pay for the software.

Time To Go Consulting

So you went through all the trouble of getting all these calls and emails and you have a PayPal account full of deposits for the month or even better full upfront payments! So, Let’s Go Advising. I go over how you will exceed expectations before you even get online. Getting results is their and your bonus!

Cash Flows

Allow me to help you to set prices, offer specials, and accept reoccurring payment methods. I break down everything you will need to know about your cash and how to get more of it.

Consultive Selling

Yep, just like any other business, we make money in up-selling services. My secret sauce to 2% at the sale is included as a bonus. This accounts for an additional $50,000 for an average consultant using my methods. I also include up sales for 3-year contracts, third-party vendors, residual payments, and other services.

That is Just The Beginning Of My Program, Time For Us to get connected!

This book has been the basis of a consultancy, for someone like yourself, helping them go from working a dead-end job,
to booking clients and financial freedom.
Now is the time to read the principles and laws of business value and start becoming your own boss.

Don’t Take My Word For It, Hear It From Them. Set an online meeting time and we will discuss why you want to start advising and you will meet others alredy doing it.


What’s Included:

Personal one-on-one online instruction and mentoring to getting engagements

Let me unleash trade secrets to you as a new or established advisor so you feel comfortable in consultive selling. You will get unlimited support as we adapt to changing strategies. You won’t want to put this book down from the second you open it. This will act as a reference book as you grow your advising service. Whether you want to become a full-time advisor making over $100,000 per year or a part-time consultant that makes an extra $4,000 per month, this book will get you started.

Lifetime Access and Unlimited Updates

You will become a life long friend of me, Captain David. You will be emailed updates to the book, have access to an online library, along with articles on the latest strategies I use with business owners.
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Bonus #1:

WordPress Website Templates ($4000 Value)

Get a 3 click website that is designed and developed by WordPress Design Group. These templates fit an extremely precise formula that does one thing, get emails! I hate calling these templates because they are more like ‘semi-custom websites’. Each website can be customized to add your own logo, text, and photos very easily, making it your
own very quickly. These templates are the same exact process and foundation that go into $4,000 websites.

Bonus #2:

Custom Business Plan For Growth Based on Value

We do this first with your business then clients. At some point you will decide to stay small or grow your business to accommodate the huge demand for your brand. You can’t book more than 2-3 gigs per month by yourself and you will get burned out eventually selling that much. However, Associates can book multiple engagements. Grow your business the right way with this exclusive business plan.

Bonus #3:

Social Media Bonus Pack

There is nothing hotter right now than Social Media. In fact, I get in contact with over 5 potential clients a week purely from Facebook at an extremely low price per booking. The most important aspect of Social Media aside from publishing content is to get customers to review you. We make it easier than ever for every customer who fishes with you to leave a Google, Facebook, and/or Trip Advisor review. This is completely TOP SECRET and exclusively in the Business Kit.

Time To Start

There has never been a better time to start an online Executive Consultancy or ramp up your gigs while focusing on your business equity. With the power of the internet, you can compete with the best of the competition instantly with this system and in most cases leave them behind. Enjoy financial freedom and become your own boss. This is the only resource of it’s kind and you can try it 100% Risk-Free (See Money Back Guarantee).

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I am a strong believer in my business kit and have poured thousands of hours into giving businesses and advisors the best strategies to do what they love and make a very profitable living off it. I am so confident that you will love my book and this system that I back it with a NO QUESTIONS ASKED, MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! Simply email me, “Your Book Sucks, I Want My Money Back” and I’ll be more than happy to refund you immediately. Contact us today!