Get Globally Connected

Becoming an Ambassador of Business Equity

“Begin with the ending in mind.” Stephen Covey.

This is a world-wide consortium supporting small and midsize businesses. We are maximizing a company’s value for more business equity – closing the retirement gap faster than other ways.

Some benefits of becoming part of the consortium:

    • Proven STS Business Equity System
    • World-Wide Team
    • Reoccurring Revenue
    • Big Company Metrics
    • Marketing Assistance
    • Virtual Office

If you are selected to get on the path, we have available certificates, courses and mentoring in a non-traditional e-learning environment at the International Business Value Institute to improve your skills. Whether you have an existing business or want to get on the path of building more equity we have a place for you. Ambassadors of Business Equity are involved in strategy and execution to help small business owner’s maximize their business value from a holistic view. Click for more on becoming an Ambassador of Business Equity….