Business value it is at the top of the retirement money chain. One change in business value changes your retirement income. Plus, business value has more possibilities to change than liabilities. For example: Paying off debt has a ratio of 1 to 1(We all know that feeling). Where from the chart below you could see business value has a ratio of 1 to 3 and sometimes higher depending on leveraging and the valuation market. What is your company worth? How are you leveraging your business equity?

Below are several of the major investments that could be used to close the retirement gap yet at different expected returns. But, what way is the fastest way?

From the chart above owning a business gives you a chance to make a 300% return with maximum business value. Also leveraging is possible – the key to building your retirement savings.

“Leveraging is the fastest way to Wealth”  Warren Buffet

Not owning a business limits you since a non-owner does not have the opportunity for leveraging business value, equity and other attributes of business based on ownership. Growth Concepts specializes in maximizing a company’s value with leveraging techniques using the STS Business Equity System, giving you more/faster business equity than other ways. Ask for an online review of your leveraging possibilities.

Thinking about leveraging your business equity? Find what Buyers paid for established businesses to better understand the possibility of how leveraging your business value and or equity could close the retirement gap at the small business e-library. Contact us for an annual subscription to the e-library.

Did you know around 10,000 people in the U.S.A. are retiring a day? That means a social security check will probably not be in the retirement money chain to narrow the retirement gap. (The difference between your retirement income and actual expenses.) You probably have some retirement savings now. Maybe even a small business. But, what is your fastest vehicle to build more equity closing the retirement gap?

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