Why work on the business not in it?

Finding the “right” person for a successor while moving towards an “ideal business” model could be one of the most difficult objectives a Business Owner participates in (Working on the business and not in it.). This tool has been designed to assist a Business Owner or HR Manager with this vital effort. Ask how we evolve an organization (sometimes without an HR department) closer to an “ideal business” model for increasing equity $100,000s without any hard costs.


Companies that use CEO Analyzer realize:

A company’s value is less with the Owner working inside the business.

This law is expressed in the e-book “14 Immutable Laws of Business Value” with other constraints of maximizing business value. Click and get a free introduction to the e-book.

See one snapshot of a hiring process in a software interface that matches a job description with potential candidate’s skills below:

CEO Analyzer Screen Shot
CEO Analyzer Screen Shot

Start moving your business closer to an “ideal business” model utilizing CEO Analyzer and an Advisor’s guidance. Connect with a Senior Ambassador on the contact page for a complimentary review of your situation.