Are you looking for more equity for a business loan, leveraged buyout, or merger (Buyer’s or Seller’s side)?

We are all about maximizing a company’s value for more equity. We have proprietary software that discovers un-tapped business value. So, you get more equity for a loan application, buyout, trade or merger. We have been helping businesses, around the world for over 30 years, with a proven system that builds equity.

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Maximizing Business ValueWe understand you are not necessarily thinking about selling right now, but, every Business Owner, at some time, either closes their doors or sells. That is why we begin moving your business to autopilot before it is too late. So, what are you doing now to maximize your company’s value for more business equity? See ways in the book below:

Maximizing Business ValueBusiness Value is not considered in a typical business or marketing plan yet, is the upmost important factor for any business. You probably have an intangible value pillar or driver like a technique, software application or something else that is intellectual capital but, that does not show in the accounting books. (See an example of a value pillar or driver.) So, financials often lead to focusing on things that really have little bearing on business value. Find-out principles and laws of business in the book above.

Note: We could invest over $5,000 in start-ups and micro businesses. We typically work with businesses valued at 5 million and under.  See if your business qualifies for a loan with an online complimentary review.