One small change in EBITADA, that goes along with a principle or law of business value could mean $100,000s to your business value and equity. What is it?

Maximizing Business ValueHave you thought about indexing, exiting, maximizing your company’s value, retiring, or transitioning from your privately held company? We have been helping business owners, like you for over 30 yrs, in a confidential and personal way. We are all about optimizing your company’s business value so, you get more equity for investing in your family’s future. We understand you are not necessarily thinking about selling right now, but, every Business Owner, at some time, either closes their doors or sells. So, what are you doing now to maximize your company’s value for more business equity?

Maximizing Business ValueBusiness Value is not considered in a typical business or marketing plan yet, is the utmost important factor for any business. You probably have a technique, software or something unique that is of value but, that does not show in the accounting books. This often leads to focusing on things that really have little bearing on business value, leading to selling the business with poor timing, undervaluation, laying off good employees, or even quitting. Read more on the importance of principles and laws of business value.