Business Value Culture Certification

The Professional does not want to have the Earnings Move Certification without this advanced Business Value Culture Certification. They go hand in hand so the Professional learns the balance of the systems along with the organization and what brings it all together to form real business value.

Where does business value begin? And how could a Professional evolve a business culture to maximize the company’s value? With the Earnings Move Certification the systems become more clear but what about the business organization-the human factor? Understanding how the systems and then the business organization is held together with intangible value pillars and drivers to form real business value begins a new journey for the Professional in building, maintaining and maximizing business value.

Value Pillar

This highly advanced online hands-on course is based on the Symbolic Interaction Theory, 14 Immutable Laws of Business Value, findings from the Business Value Plan, Earnings Move/Analyzer II and a team. Without the this proven processes and proprietary tools a new business initiative for maximizing business value (or other) would be based on a whim or guess and would not meet the rigorous demands of verification and results.


The Professional will learn how to form a value initiative within an organization and unfold it with the best results in these highly specialized sessions. Contact us for more information about the Business Value Culture Certification advanced course.