Business Value Software Suite

“Begin with the end in mind.” by Stephen R. Covey

The applications below have been developed from a business value viewpoint based on principles and laws of business value found in the book “14 Immutable Laws of Business Value“. These tools are a suite of software tools for assisting you in maximizing and leveraging business value within the proven Business Equity System. Get the “big picture” of business value down to the unit cost with the tools below to analyze your company’s biz value.

Analyzer II™

Global Biz Value Analysis

Timing is everything. Why sell low when all you have to do is a few things to get $100,000s more? As you know, there are other critical factors of business value not measured by typical financial measures, yet, vital to that company’s value. Key value factors with traditional metrics are used in this proprietary application to determine the risk associated with a company’s value. If one of the factors change in the business it means a change in value and risk. What would it take to increase your company’s value $100,000? How about $1,000,000? This application is core to the business equity system for maximizing a company’s value.

No human mind could do it alone.

Do not loose Business Value it is your personal equity! You could have the best sales team and marketing move but without it things might not be working for increasing business value. Discover with this small business software tool what it would take to bring your company’s value to the next plateau while producing more equity. This proprietary tool assists Executives keep the “Big Picture” of biz value while drilling down to specific tasks with an Business Value Specialist. Get a complimentary review of your situation.

CEO Analyzer

Exit Planning and Execution

Obviously, a business cannot be sold with the Owner in the business and her/his people. So start planning early. This internet-based HRIS tool assists a HR Director or Business Owner form her/his organization structure where the Owner could sell and leave the business without loosing business value. As the Proprietor plans to move out of the business, a new organizational structure emerges with processes. If done right, where the Owner is working on the business and not in it, the value of the business could be $100,000s more. ( See page 11., in the book, “14 Immutable Laws of Business Value”.). This “ideal business model” where the Proprietor is working outside of his business and not in it is called an absentee owner run business. It looks a little different with every business, however this proprietary tool is critical in the process of finding the right candidate for new positions,while you are moving a company towards an ideal organization model. Read more about an “ideal organization model” and how you could save $100,000s with this tool in the book “14 Immutable Laws of Business Value“. Click for more information the ideal organization structure.

Analyzer I

Power Word Finder

The power of the word resonates through-out a business and beyond forming perceptions, micro-cultures like your marketing team’s culture or dynamics of your messaging, customer service, products, and even the selling proposition. Start taking advantage of this tool today with better IMC marketing while evolving your organization’s cultures into a high-performance state.

Words have no walls and are either forming a company’s culture leading to business value or not. Learn how this word dynamics tool is used for creating a high-performance culture for maximizing business value. Read more about the software ….

These tools are designed to maximize business value not just sales!

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