Earnings Move Certification

After the Business Value Plan Certification we offer a 12 session course to Executives for maximizing a company’s value. This online course has been designed with for professionals building an absentee run Executive Consultancy while integrating business value planning with their consultancy.

RetirementThis advanced course includes Analyzer II training and certification.  This award winning A.I. tool assists in pinpointing/indexing the next business value move for the Advisor so she or he could present the possibilities to the Business Owner. This micro-view is required for finding, what is going on with business value with the concern. There is no human mind that could consider all the variables. Do not try to make a business value move without it.

All our courses are based on the principles and laws of business value. These are found in, “14 Immutable Laws of Business Value” and “10 Immutable Laws of Business Ideation“. The course does keep in mind both the start-up and the established business.

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