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Leveraging Business Equity

Leveraging 30k of Income to a 1 million dollar Business

Are you making 30k a year or more in your business?  Do you want to be in a million dollar business in 3 to 5 years? Get a free worksheet analysis and see how you could do it with one of our Executives. Even if you are not quite at 30k let us set some realistic numbers to get you there. There is no cost to you for us to run the numbers together. Contact us and we’ll set a time to go over the numbers with you online. Click this link to contact us.

All of us are familiar how a duplex could be purchased, cleaned up and fixed(kitchen) so it could be leveraged to buy another property. What about your business equity? Do you you know your business value? Do you have a buyout target in mind?

If you want to increase the value of your company for a few months before the buyout we have a unique A.I. system for maximizing business value and leveraging business equity. We base initiatives on the guide, 14 Immutable Laws of Business Value. Read more here.

See an example of the spreadsheet below of how a company making 30k a year could get into a million dollar business in 3 to 5 yrs with the right moves. We use advanced tools to help you make the best decisions.

leveraging equityThe above simple spreadsheet shows the leveraging of 30k annual income from a small business. Talk to us and we have a more detailed spreadsheet for your specific situation. Let us help you go where you would like to go. Contact us at this link.