Business Value Analysis

Leveraging 30k of Income to a 1 million dollar Business


All of us are familiar how a duplex could be purchased, cleaned up and fixed(kitchen) and then a loan or increased income could be leveraged to buy a new property. What about a business?  Not only could a business person remodel the right places but also get a small business loan to acquire another business. We focus on a unique strategy for building and leveraging business equity. Get an online complimentary review and see where we could start building your company’s value for more equity.

leveraging equityThe above simple spreadsheet shows the leveraging of 30k. Talk to us and we have a more detailed spreadsheet that answers a lot of questions about leveraging equity. Let us help you go where you would like to go.

There are a lot of reasons someone might buy another one. However, the leveraging model above is similar. Since, “leveraging is the fastest way to wealth”, by Warren Buffet why not use it with your business? Contact a Business Value Specialist for a spreadsheet of the leveraging model. They will explain it and give you examples and how you could use it to gain wealth faster than if not. Contact us for an online complimentary review of your situation.