Natural, Federal/State and Business Laws

Have you ever had to depend on someone else’s evaluation or appraisal? And then later you knew that it was worth more than the appraisal, and wished you knew how they did it and or how to increase it a few more $100,000. You are not alone. And this website, tools, Institute will help you stay ahead of the game next time. Set a time for a complimentary review of your particular business situation to identify un-tapped business value.

What governs our Business? We have all heard of the natural laws. One of these is the law of attraction. We focus on something and get it, right. These laws govern our universe. There are other natural laws too like the law of vibration but that is for another discussion. Then there is the Constitution and Bill of rights. These laws govern the government and people. From these have evolvedĀ  Federal and State laws that govern our nation and businesses. Every year we pay federal and state taxes because of laws. These types of laws fill volumes in the Law Library. Then there are unspoken principles and laws that have been found and written for business like Jack Trout and Al Ries’s books below. Similar to these laws are business principles and laws of business value in the book, “14 Immutable Laws of Business Value”.

Maximizing Business ValueHave you ever had to value a business because you were buying, ran into a divorce, health reasons or tired of your business? Some value it using only financials while savvy business sellers and buyers look at other areas like intellectual capitol of the business or the organization model before a value is placed on it. For example, while I was selling businesses, one Buyer that already owned 4 businesses was looking for another. He said, “The Owner must be out of the business”, while looking at list other businesses for sale. The Buyer had millions but was not going to move forward till this one criteria was met. This law is discussed in the book, mentioned above, with the principle of cash flow and stated in rule 12 pg., 21. and this post. Learn about the principles and laws of business that are working for or against your company’s value in the above books. We offer an online complimentary review of your situation.