Natural, Federal/State and Business Laws

What governs your business besides the 14 Immutable Laws of Business Value when maximizing business value? There are the Constitution and Bill of Rights. From these have evolved Federal and State laws that govern small businesses. And then there are local City laws that apply to your business. What other laws govern your business that could help you in a business value initiative?

We have all heard of the natural laws. For example one of these natural laws is the law of attraction that is used extensively in marketing. These natural laws govern our universe yet they are not written in the laws of the land. There are other natural human laws like the duty to honor promises and contracts, and cooperation in human societies. Read what laws govern your business in the books below.

Business marketing laws that have been found by experience and written by Jack Trout and Al Ries are below. Similar to these are business principles and laws of business value in the book, “14 Immutable Laws of Business Value“. After 20 years of business experience and research Mr. Whipple wrote them in 2008 so you could use them for business value analysis.

Maximizing Business ValueThese principles and laws above are either working for or against your business right now. What about laws that govern business ideation? Mr. Whipple formed a 10-gate system that an Entrepreneur must go through in order to release a product or service to the market place. Whether you are still coming-up with an idea or about ready to launch this is a must read. See below.

Business IdeationWe offer an online complimentary review of your specific situation to discuss how the principles and laws from the above guides could work for your business to maximize it’s value.