Strategic Partners

Strategic Partners

Join an international strategic partner/networking group. There is no cost to join and no hard selling. We meet online to get to know your services and how they dovetail with our services and visa versa. Contact us here to know when the next online meeting will be held.

We have online mastermind meetings for networking about every quarter.  At the matermind meeting we also discuss business value principles and laws from the book “14 Immutable Business Value Laws” while getting to know others that work with business value. Plus, you will also have access to professional advice, business value indexing, and the online business value library at a discount.

All Strategic Partners must be involved with one of the following:

*Working with business value in some capacity (most any business) like selling, lending, appraising, accounting, small business cleaning, providing loans or other business products or services.

*In the buy or sale of a business valued under 5 million.

*Planning to acquire a business, under 5 million.

*A Business Broker, Sales Agent or Business Sales Professional

*Involved in auditing or funding a small business for growth or sale.

How does a meeting work? After each attendee introduces themselves in the mastermind meeting, we learn and discuss one business value principle or law from the book “14 Immutable Laws of Business Value“. Referrals are possible after getting to know others. So, fill out the form today and get started. Contact us for the next mastermind meeting.

If you are thinking about joining and not sure, contact us with your questions at this link. This is a great way to get to know others working with business value.