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Business Value Pillars and Drivers

What Makes Your Business Tik?

What makes your business tik?  Is it you? Is it the business model, culture, style, employees, product features, approach, or what? Do you really know? Why? Did you know a business sells on an average of 3 to 5 years?  Like a home sells in 7.5 years or a car about 2.5 years. So, you need to understand the why to build the intangible business value pillars. So you have more business value and equity at the time of the sale.

Whether you like it or not a potential buyer is probably looking at your business now. Yes, to buy. They know all about your business and you. And yes they want something at a rock bottom price, not to offend you. So, how are you going to get back what you have been putting into this business of yours?

Sweat equity is a sweet thing if documented right. But, if you only have a paragraph or two about your company’s business value you are not going to get much more than typical appraisal formula results. Yet, you are working night and day so why not get it in a business value plan so a potential buyer would pay you, what you are worth?

What is your business value now and what could it be in 6 months or a year. Do you have a business value strategy? How does retirement fit in or are you a serial entrepreneur? These critical areas of your business are covered in an online review of your company’s business value. Get it ticking for you so you get bought at the right price. Contact us for an online complimentary review of your company’s business value.