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The Context of the Institute:

International Business Value Institute is the essence of 25 Years of original innovative work on Strategic Management Development Education backed by dedication, technical and managerial experience of its founders and their creation and innovation.

Over the past decade, businesses across the globe have seen drastic changes in operations and over-all performance. These changes have taken place in all aspects of business: technology, manufacturing, sales, marketing, financing, etc.; resulting in many innovative products. Developments in the Internet, along with the advancement of social media marketing and its usage have thrown open the competition, eased the Customer access, and changed market penetration.  All affecting business value.

Despite these dramatic changes, business management strategies have seen very little change. Our global team of seasoned business professionals have found that, in most countries, the shop floor, the storefront, and/or their approach to the market have seen few if any changes in their day-to-day management practices. Additionally, university-level curricula have largely remained unchanged and are biased towards larger corporate entities.  

By way of example:

  • In  India, which is one of the fastest growing economies, more than 60% of their industries are small or medium size entities with fewer than 250 employees (“SME”).  
  • In Argentina (more European-style country) there are 856,300 registered companies, 83% of which are micro enterprises; 16.8%, SMEs, and only 0.2% large corporate entities.  
  • In Europe more than 99% of the companies are SME’s (according to Eurostat, Statistics Explained).  

A SME requires very different type of management practices than does a BIG Multi-National Corporations (MNC’s).   In today’s fast changing business environment, with little to no university-level education designed specifically for SME’s, a tailored education focused on effective SME business strategies and practices is required.   

At the International Business Value Institute we use innovative 360-degree teaching methods, curricula, and support that prepares and positions SMEs to flourish in today’s market challenges.  Our unique approach has proven to be more effective at driving the SME business value than business research “think tanks”, online classes, and/or university-level training.  

David Whipple (USA) has assembled a global team of seasoned business professionals that have an impressive record of helping small businesses succeed.  Their in-depth. real-world experience has confirmed that in today’s radically changing business environment, one of the most important indicators of business success is a holistic view of the organization.  That, together with a keen understanding of the pillars that drive business value, helped forge our 360-degree perspective approach.  That prospective is implemented through our Business Value Development approach as a part of the STS Business Equity System.  

Most business owners, executives, and experienced managers take an internal view of their organization using a piecemeal approach.  The Institute’s 360-degree perspective encourages organizations, including SMEs, to take a holistic view without internal bias.  We have seen that our Business Value Development approach, seeing through the lense a potential buyer or investor would utilize to determine business value pillars and drivers of the business, is a much more productive approach than traditional cost cutting, productivity measures and advertising.    

The Institute provides real-world examples along with principles, laws, and processes in an online setting for business owners and managers. They are given DIY materials and assignments during the course to bring their business to the next level.  The Institute’s team have created a unique 360 degree style of teaching in which the goals and objectives of the organization are focused on building business value – taking the business to the next step on the path of success.

The team has decided to form a Global Institute to spread these concepts of business value to benefit small-and mid-size businesses.  Here are the founding members of the Institute’s Governing Council:

>  David Whipple (USA)

An author, developer and trainer for over 25 years,  Mr. Whipple has founded Growth Concepts based on principles and laws of business value found in “14 Immutable Laws of Business Value” within an STS business equity system. He has unexpectedly brought millions to the brokers table for small and mid-size businesses.

>  Rajendra Deshpande, PhD (India)

Has 30 years of experience in sales & marketing, training, consulting in pharmaceuticals, fast moving consumer goods, hospitals, travel, foreign exchange, tourism, hospitality and education.

>  Aynn Daniels (USA)

Aynn is President and CEO of her own consulting/business coaching company, LIANDA Consulting Group, Inc. Her clients include K-12 charter schools, small businesses, and community-based organizations, and faith-based organizations. Having conducted over 500 seminars and workshops on personal and organizational development, she speaks to business, education and public audiences on the subjects of Leadership and Organizational Development, Personal Development and Peak Performance, Strategic Thinking, and Constructive Change. Through her grant writing division, over the past 15 years, her company has written and managed over $14.5 mil in Federal, State, and Foundation grants for their clients. Aynn Daniels is an Award-Winning/Best Selling Author. In 2012, she co-authored the book, The Success Secret, with Jack Canfield (Jack is co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul series) and was inducted into National Academy of Best-Selling Authors – receiving the coveted Quilly Award. Aynn also co-authored The Gratitude Book Project: Celebrating 365 Days of Gratitude! with two-time Best Selling Author Donna Kuzik. Most recently in 2014, she co-authored the dynamic program ( 6-CD set, Manual and Action Guide), The Power of Commitment: How To Focus, Continue and Finish with the legendary Brian Tracy.

> Freddy Melhem (Argentina)

Has experience with two of big three consulting firms in South America. 25+ years experience in top Management positions. Former CEO at Reebok stores in Argentina and now International Business Advisor. Experience in project evaluation, Star-Up, Turn-Around and Business Planning all under an holistic view of business value.

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