Business Value Services

Growth Concepts LLC


We work with your intangible value pillars and drivers, so, you could get the premium price for your business. We have been assisting small and midsize business Owners maximize their company’s business value since 1989 (See success stories). We typically work with businesses valued at under $5,000,000. The services we offer are below.

  • Indepth business value analysis from a holistic view
  • Business Value initiative development
  • Value Pillar and driver Identification/Development
  • Guidance for implementation of value initiatives
  • Documentation of results for Investor, Broker, Buyer or Partners

We create a custom value initiative with you and your team thereby increasing your business value 400-600%. We are not in the business of selling business but maximizing the value and then, either, an offer will come into you, or listing it with a reputable business broker could be an option. We will guide you throught the maze so you get the hard earned equity you are working for, plus…

Services may also include:

Word Dynamics Research

Customer Base Development



Positioning ( markting or business)

Market Research finding Perceived Needs

Branding/Product Dev/Short-Term Messaging

Customer Service Development


Product Launches

Business Model Validation

New Business Exploration

Margin Improvement

Sales Cycle Improvement

Nonprofit Management Services

We have a global team that functions in many different business specialties. Businesses with whom we work with realize up to a thirty percent increase in discretionary earnings, with a corresponding increase in owner’s equity of 2.5 to 3.0 times this amount.* Click to set a time for a complimentary review.

See the big picture of Business Advising Services below:

Where are you in the business equity building process? We are in the business of assisting independent-minded people to maximize their company’s value for more equity. We offer an online complimentary review of your situation. Click to contact us about an online complimentary review.

* Client results may vary from these amounts depending on Objective Key Results.