Business Value Services

Growth Concepts LLC

We have been assisting small and midsize business Owners with a business value under $5 Million since 1989 (See success stories). We spend from 100k-150k the first 2 years with your company with our time and resources. What are you expecting to make the next 3-5 years?.

  • Businesses with whom we work with realize up to a thirty percent increase in discretionary earnings, with a corresponding increase in owner’s equity of 2.5 to 3.0 times this amount.*
  • Everything we do is based on research. We have some unique software tools to assist a Business Owner to get an unbiased view of strategic planning, messaging, customer service, product development, and employee management for maximizing business value for more equity.
  • WE are not a cost or job cutter. In most situations, team players positions are strengthened since we are working with the ideal business model assisting the Owner to work on the business and not in it.
  • Our worldwide team of Ambassadors of Business Equity provides you a different view for maximizing your company’s value for more business equity. Learn more about strategy development.
  • We give you new insight with third-party research from a potential buyers view for finding un-tapped business value.
  • We use business value analytics to set a baseline while maximizing a small company’s value with propriety ways (including leveraging) and tools for more equity. All based on, ‘14 Immutable Laws of Business Value“.

See the big picture of Business Advising Services below:

Business Value Services 1

Where are you in the business equity building process? We are in the business of assisting independent-minded people to maximize their company’s value for more equity. Contact us at this link for an online complimentary review and we will show you several un-tapped value resources within your business.

*Client results may vary from these amounts depending on Objective Key Results.