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The Context of the Institute:

Over the past decade, businesses across the globe have seen drastic changes in operations and overall performance. These changes have taken place in all aspects of business: technology, manufacturing, sales, marketing, financing, etc. resulting in many innovative products. Developments on the Internet, along with the advancement of social media marketing and its usage, have thrown open the competition, eased Customer access, and changed market penetration. All effecting business value.

Despite these dramatic changes, business management strategies have seen very little change. Our global team has found that, in most countries, the shop floor and markets have not seen any or little changes in day-to-day management practices. Additionally, MBA curricula have largely remained unchanged and are biased towards bigger units. For example; in a country like India which is one of the fastest-growing economies, more than 60% of the industries are SME’s. The definition of an SME: A small or medium-sized enterprise, or SME, as defined by the European Commission is a business or company: that has fewer than 250 employees. An SME requires very different types of management practices than BIG Multi-National Corporations (MLC’s).

With fast-changing environments and circumstances and none to little University level education of the SME’s, this requires tailoring education to small- and mid-size business practices. At the Institute we use innovative 360-degree teaching methods and curricula, along with an artificial intelligence system and interactive methods for helping small business grasp business value. This enhances small- and mid-size business practices for better preparation for real-world challenges than what is offered today in research labs, online classes, and higher education. We are not using an intellectual approach but functional ways learned from the hard knocks.  So, innovation is rippled in thinking and in management of small- and mid-size businesses to shop floors, or even looking at different product lines while optimizing business value.

We are forming a TEAM of passionate Executives to revolutionize business value education using a proven A.I. system, guides and online teaching methods as a catalyst, thereby causing business value creation around the world.

David Whipple (USA) and his global team have been helping small businesses succeed for over 30 years. They have found that, in today’s radically changing business environment, one of the most important indicators of business success is a holistic view of the organization. This 360-degree perspective, called a Business Value Mastery approach, is explained in the Business Earning Move system. Most business owners and experienced managers take an internal view of their organization in a piece-meal approach. The Institute’s 360-degree perspective encourages organizations, including SMEs, to take a holistic view without internal bias, much like a potential buyer or investor. The Institute presents real-world examples along with principles, laws, and processes in an online setting to business owners and managers. Mr. Whipple and his team have created a unique 360 degree style of teaching with a proven A.I. system in which the goals and objectives of organizations are focused on “real barriers of business value” while building business value — taking Ambassadors of Business Equity and Entrepreneurs to the next step in their path of success.

Rajendra Deshpande

Rajendra has more than 30 years of experience in Sales, Marketing, Training Consulting .This is spread across Health Care, Pharmaceuticals, Fast moving Consumer Goods,Travel Services. Recently he has been nominated for Leaders Excellence – by Harvard Square – a prestigious association of Harvard.

He joined Growth Concepts more than six years back. He has researched in developing a model for Individuals with Business Value Development. This is important . Businesses are run by individuals.

There is a need to align Business Value pillars and drivers for Business as well as Owners. The keywords from the process, that we use for our communications, in all the media have to be developed and need to be value based. This optimization gives a breakthrough instantly.

In the new normal we all are facing new experiences. These experiences trigger our emotions. 70 to 80 % of our decisions are based on emotions and not technology. This makes Business Value analytics very relevant for growth of your business.

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