Business Value Analysis

Third Party Verification of Sweat Equity

A Small Business Owner gives, gives, and gives. So, how does the Owner get the most sweat equity from her or his business? So, they could show a loan officer or potential buyer their value? Owners are often putting in 60-70+ hours a week. Doing things that others cannot do. Or showing up for a front-line worker in an impossible moment. Do they ever get compensated for all this extra time?

Does your business have a third-party document your sweat equity?

There are ways to minimize the loss of sweat equity by working beforehand with a Business Value Specialist that writes down for you, and for a loan officer how you minimize risk with verified intangible assets in a business value plan. While meeting with the Specialist the Owner conveys activities and process while the Specialist also writes what fits with the principles and laws of business value from the book,”14 Immutable Laws of Business Value.” In turn, these sweat equity activities are written in a Business Value Plan and later shown and reviewed by a loan officer or private buyer. There is no other document that conveys the sweat equity of an Owner like this custom document and third party verification process.

This third-party documentation of business value activities and on-site inspection verifies the Small Business Owner’s sweat equity for a future review or evaluation. Without it, there is no way a Small Business Owner could get compensated for all the little extras she or he puts into the growing concern. Ask for a complimentary review of your specific situation by a Business Value Specialist. And start documenting what really matters with a third party.

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