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Online Business Advisor POSITION

Are you thinking about a CAREER MOVE? Perhaps a side-gig that you could start with no upfront training costs and from a virtual office? OR expansion of current consulting with software tools and an international team? We are looking for experienced Accountants, Business Advisors, Financial Advisors, Insurance Agents, Real Estate Agents and or Business Brokers/Agents from around the world that want to begin a remote Executive Consultancy that is absentee run with a proven system.

As you go through your career ladder there is less and less time with your family and friends while working for someone else. If you have a path to move-into a proven system and build it to a growing business with equity you will eventually get more time and money for yourself, family and friends. You pick the path.

Someone that is an Entrepreneur at heart, soon realizes that knocking on doors all day or calling business after business on the phone is for someone else. As they move through their career, time develops communication, leadership and management skills so they could move away from working for someone else and look at other ways to make money. If you are looking for a different place to make money with a proven system then this is the place for you.

Similar an Entrepreneur working for someone else’s dream soon learn they do not fit in. They realize other ways build their own equity. And start looking for something that fulfills their inner need of independence and freedom. This is the chance to do that.

What better way to get into something than with a consortium of International Executives with a proven system, all focused on business value and building their own absentee run Executive Consultancy. We are doing it. How about YOU?

We begin helping you build an absentee owner run Executive Consultancy so you could have a team, otherwise you will be left with no equity. As you know, a one-person consultant is not building equity. When you learn the proven system including a business Value A. I system, you will have a team and an experienced mentor. The proven system is based on the hard-knocks of trial and error with a solid foundation in communication and financial analytics with over 30 years of real business experience.

Yes, you will be learning a proven system and earning in an online setting while preparing your own Executive Consultancy. And while building a foundation for your Executive Consultancy, you will be learning business value ways to begin a new journey. This foundation would continue on your journey to eventually owning a Software Distributorship.

Again, you cannot build equity on your own. We help you set-up an Executive Consultancy first and then when you are ready start building a team. This is all so you have equity and the chance to get a software distributorship.

To further your education in business value, the International Business Value Institute has courses for those that want to learn and sharpen their skills during this time. Earn more while you learn the concepts of business value. See if you qualify for this rare opportunity and submit your resume on the contact page for consideration.

independent contractor to ownership of e-Software Distributorship

Only Top Executives are invited by the Founder to get on the path of ownership of a Software Distributorship. There are no upfront costs, except normal business operating expenses. We do expect from 5-10 hours a week while starting. And yes an applicant could have an existing consultancy and blend them together with the principles and laws of business value.  Start with other Top Executives from around the world on the path to owning your own absentee run Executive Consultancy and then a Software Distributorship by submitting your resume.



I recently attended the business value training with David Whipple and I must say it was an exceptional experience. The training provided a comprehensive understanding of the fundamentals of advising a business to achieve growth in business value. David Whipple’s expertise and knowledge in this field were truly impressive. The sessions were interactive and engaging, allowing for practical application of the concepts learned. The training materials provided were also valuable resources for future reference. Overall, I would rate this training a 5 out of 5 as it exceeded my expectations and equipped me with the necessary skills to effectively create business value growth. I would highly recommend it to anyone seeking to enhance their advising capabilities.


Will Clark, Transcendent Growth Partners



“David Whipple is a business value consultant who has thought deeply about the foundations of business value.  His two books, 14 Immutable Laws of Business Value, and 10 Immutable Laws of Testing a Business Idea, offer readers and entrepreneurs key concepts that will help avoid critical pitfalls, retain and increase earnings, and build long-term equity.  For those who are really committed, a path is shown for building intergenerational wealth. Whether you are thinking about starting a business, hoping to improve the one you own, or advise small & medium firms, David’s books, training sessions, and consultations will be worth every minute and every penny you spend with him.”


Ben Caldwell