Business Value Advisor Positions

Business Value Advisor

As you know, a one-person consultant is not building equity to leverage. And without equity a consultancy could not leverage-the fastest way to wealth according to Warren Buffet. Get on the path of leveraging your equity and with your very own absentee run Executive Consultancy. As an independent contractor with Growth Concepts, while working hard to have your own consultancy, this position gives you the opportunity to learn the basics of business value advising while building a business foundation for an absentee run Executive Consultancy. Yes, you will be learning a proven system and earning in an online setting while preparing for your own. And later, your business network/clients could be transferred to your Executive Consultancy. You cannot build equity on your own.

The International Business Value Institute has courses for those that want to learn and sharpen their skills during this time. This position evolves with training and commission splits to an absentee run Executive Consultancy. See if you qualify and submit your resume below. Lone shark consultants do not make it big and cannot build equity. Submit your resume on the contact page for consideration.

Executive Consultancy to Software Distributorship

Work into owning your own software distributorship in this Executive consultancy. Each individual’s time and ability is taken into consideration before and while getting on the path of success. Top Executives are personally selected and invited by the Founder. There are no upfront costs except normal business operating expenses but an applicant could have an existing consultancy.

This rare opportunity is only for experienced business consultants that want to own their own software distributorship and leverage the equity while running it autopilot. At first, they are introduced to the basics of business value along with starting an advising firm with a business value culture. Advising Firm. Then as the proven system is unfolded they will have hands-on experience with the Founder. You will be ready for a purchasing a software distributorship ($5,000 to $150,000) since you will already be making money from your Executive Consultancy. If you are not into a Distributorship after one year there is a $500 fee to continue working towards ownership. Start Today! Read more…