Business Ideation

 Will my start-up idea work?

Find out if your new product, service or start-up (Franchise) is right for you and could make it in the marketplace. Use this DIY guide to go through 10-gates before investing your time in any new business idea, start-up, e-distributor, e-commerce site, distributorship or franchise. Will the idea work for you? And then will it make it to the market place? Use the guide below to evaluate it.

Business IdeationIn this DIY guide (23 pages), (Mr. Whipple’s 2nd guide) you could quickly go through 10-gates that will either close or open your idea to further business development. Plus there are customizable spreadsheets that go along with the guide for in-depth analysis (see below). This guide gives you business idea criteria based on over 30 years of business experience, so you could know if your business idea is right for you and if the start-up could make it (hint: before wasting time, money and energy). If you would like an experienced Executive to walk you through the 10-steps in an online complimentary review, click to set a time.

Get to know what it is all about with the free introduction.

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Now, you could know if your idea would make-it out in the market place with the assistance of the above guide and a professional within minutes. Know before you go.

The paperback is on Amazon for $14.95!

Use our experience building businesses and discuss your idea in a confidential way with one of our experienced executives. Set a time to go through the 10-gates at this link.

Maximizing business valueLearn more about your business idea at an online master mind meeting. Find the details at this link.

In the guide, several of the gates require projections and break-even point for deeper analysis. There is a check-list for fine-tuning based on IMC marketing for messaging for test marketing. Below are free downloads for this analysis.

Download a free Break-Even Point Spreadsheet (sales and units) considering Business Value.

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Download a free Business Ideation Projections Spreadsheet for your new business idea.

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Download a free IMC messaging checklist for sales and marketing for your new business idea.

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Go through the guide with a professional with an online complimentary review. Click to set a time.