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Retirement Income?

How Much does a Business Owner Need to Retire?

Whether you are a serial entrepreneur thinking about a new idea or exiting your business are you thinking about the end game?

Some Wealth Advisors suggest 3 million per person for a comfortable retirement. Life expectancy is about 79 and retirement age is around 67. Why work 50 years (for someone else’s dream?) to maybe enjoy 12?

Is there a faster way to have enough equity for your end game?

RetirementStephen Covey states, “Keep the end in Mind”

Not too many Business Owners will use the equation below for retirement planning before it is too late; business value – business debt = business equity + personal equity = retirement income. We realize each Business Owner has a different situation and retirement expectations, so let us discuss how we could maximize your company’s value and then leverage your business equity for more personal equity that meets your expectations. Ask for an online complimentary review to get you where you want to go.

If you are working a new idea or side-gig to hopefully narrow the gap between what you have and do not have for retirement that is awesome. Are you thinking about bringing a new idea to a viable business? Ask for an online complimentary review and let us discuss the ways to narrow the gap between what you have now and 3 million.

RetirementNot all of us are lucky enough to have an established business. We have proprietary tools to begin finding a product, service or business of your passion. And specialty tools to determine if it is best to license, distribute, franchise, make or manufacture the new idea.  So you have more equity when the time comes. We offer an online complimentary review of your situation. Contact us to set a time.

Maximizing Business ValueOne small change in business value in the above equation could make a Business Owner $100,000s for retirement. What could it be ? We discuss these questions and more in an online complimentary review of your specific situation. Set a time with a Senior Business Value Analyst on this page.