“Begin with the end in mind.” by Stephen R. Covey

The  services and applications below have been developed from a holistic business value view based on principles and laws of business value found in the book “14 Immutable Laws of Business Value“. These services and proprietary tools are a suite of A.I. software tools for assisting Business Owners and Advisors while maximizing a company’s value for more equity. Get the “big picture” of business value down to the “right” move, based on principles and laws of business value. What is your next move that will maximize your company’s value plus bring you more equity.


Maximizing Business Value

Maximizing Business Value for More Equity

The main service we provide is maximizing a company’s value for more equity. We use this proprietary AI software, discovering ways that could optimize business value and bring more equity. Analyzer II looks at many different scenarios to find the best one for your particular situation before our International Team of Executives gives a suggestion.

These new ways are based on a set of principles and laws of business value and over 120 questions from a holistic view of business value. We help you find the next move so you do not have to guess.

Sweat Equity Verification

We also verify and document your sweat equity(intangible value) in a Business Value Plan. While maximizing your company’s value we make sure everything could be shown to a to a loan officer, potential buyer or a takeover lawyer is a specific way. Without this BVP others will be wondering about your hard work and give less or pay less.


Small Business Loans

Sometimes a loan is required even thought we live by bootstrapping. We are verifying intangible assets for the loan officer and mitigating the risk factor as we work with you however in case this unusual situation arises we are ready. This verification/documentation service as mentioned above may help any busy Business Owner secure a loan or Seller ask for a higher asking price.  Also some loan programs require a level of equity that a Loan officer can’t see at first glance. That is one of the reasons why the Business Value A. I. system is so crucial. The system could show the Business Owner some possible ways to show more equity that are doable in a short period of time.


Leveraging Equity for More Value

Whether you are ready for  internal leveraging gg, using  intangible value pillars and drivers for more value or finding more external equity for a loan, trade, buyout or merger we have the proprietary AI software tools and ways to help you. We are focused on maximizing your company’s value for more equity. So, you get more equity and therefore could leverage more for a loan application, trade, buyout or merger.