Maximizing Business Value Tip 2

While working with businesses for over 20 years Mr. Whipple found that an Owner, working in the business, often caused potential Buyers concerns, while lowering the value of a business or making it unsaleable. He even developed a proprietary software tool used for helping the Owner move-out of her/his business towards the ideal organizational model. As you know, an absentee owner business is more valuable and sought after than an Owner-run business. This includes relinquishing all responsibilities of sales too. READ an example of how applying this one principle (Working on the business, not in it.) could make a Business Owner $100,000s in the book “14 Immutable Laws of Business Value”.

Others have talked about this principle like the E-Myth and this article (number 5). But they do not give specific examples of how following it could increase business value. Get a complimentary review of your specific situation on the contact page.

Maximizing Business Value – Tip 1

Recognizing Business Value

Businesses look like any other business until you know what to look for. We know, stepping outside of your business and looking into the different workings of fundamental business value principles is tough. For example, it is hard to understand a law of nature like magnetism and all its effects. Yet, we see the push and pull of different objects with it’s power. Same with business value. The books and records show us some “value” but there are more fundamental working in your business like turn-over, customer repeats and average sale that typical accounting misses yet are core to business value. To find the intangibles working in your business, start by reading the principles and laws of business value in “14 Immutable Laws of Business Value”. Learn how they could push your business value up.


As a former State Champion Hockey player at Viewmont High School, David went on to graduate from University of Utah with a unique combination of business and organizational management. He soon started brokering businesses at Business Resource Center of Utah. After one year he was elected to sit on a presidential committee for his quality transactions while also having more transactions than other agents in the western states. From there he learned how businesses work within a framework of business value.

He then went to Law school for a year to return back and start Target Software Inc. to develop best practice software tools that work along with business value. Earlier in his career, while he was brokering businesses he was asked, many times, “How would you increase my company’s value?”. As he was assisting Business Owners increase their value he realized that their previous initiatives were not on business value but were for performance, profits, effectiveness or some other area of the business not related to business value. This began his quest for assisting small and midsize business owners to reach their business goals with business value in mind not just sales.

During his career, inspired by the book “22 Immutable Laws of Marketing” he researched into Business Owners, Sellers, Buyers and Business Brokers for ways to build business value. This study further showed patterns and ways to maximize business value yet, Business Owners did not or were not using these common principles and laws of business value. However, Brokers and educated Buyers knew and were using these ways to get a good deal. So, he wrote about these communication-based business principles and laws for small, medium and large corporations, educational institutions and non-profit organizations, so, owners and management could start implementing business value moves rather than something that had no effect on value. These principles and laws of business value are in his e-book, “14 Immutable Laws of Business Value“.

He has brought millions more than expected to Business Owners to the broker’s table over the years. As a founder of Growth Concepts LLC he shares his concepts world-wide while residing in Provo, Utah. He enjoys training other Executives on what he learned while helping Business Owners get a new perspective of their business initiatives. Read More on maximizing business value….

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