Maximizing Business Value

“Begin with the end in mind.” by Stephen R. Covey

Our services are blended with proprietary software applications, AI systems and guides to give you and our international team a holistic perspective for maximizing business value so you could leverage more equity. Whether you have a new idea, start-up or established business valued under 5 million we “begin with end in mind” while working with you to leverage into the next business. So, you could get in a million dollar business the next 3 to 5 years. Ask for a leveraging worksheet and see how you could do it.

What business idea could you begin? How would you start or buy a business? How would you maximize it’s value? Then how would you exit or expand it? These services are based on principles and laws of business value found in the guide “14 Immutable Laws of Business Value“ and if a new idea or start-up we use, 10 Immutable Laws of Business Ideation“. We use proprietary tools that are formed around an A.I. system for assisting Business Owners maximize business value for more equity. We answer the question, “What is your best next move, with the least cost and in the shortest time to maximize your company’s value, plus, bringing you more business equity for leveraging?” You could get to know us in an online complimentary review of your specific situation.Maximizing Business Value

Sweat Equity Verification

We verify and document your company’s sweat equity in a Business Value Plan to stabilize and justify your business value. A business sells at unexpected times. It could be health reasons, partnership split-up, a divorce or death that occurs. So, be prepared for that time. Or you could lose hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The Business Broker is representing the Seller. If you are buying a business make sure someone else, with experience, has looked at the business.

We make sure everything is documented and verifiable for a loan officer, potential buyer or investor. Without this verification in a business value plan others will be wondering about what your do and give a smaller loan or pay less for your company. If you do not have one let’s start one for you. Contact us for details.


Maximizing Business Value for More Equity

If you are starting-up or have an established business the main service we provide is maximizing business value for more equity. We use a proprietary A.I. software system for discovering ways that could maximize your company’s business value. With Analyzer II, a proprietary tool, our International Team looks at many different scenarios to find the best path for your particular situation, whether it be licensing, third-party manufacturing, distributing or franchising. No human mind could consider all the possibilities without the tool.

If you have an established business, our suggestions for business development center around that a buyer wants to get a system not a job. That is why the intangible processes and the ideal organizational model are in the business value plan. We get these processes efficiently/effectively working and moving towards the ideal organization with a value initiative, all documented in the business value plan. However, it takes a lot of time to do that and the best time to start is now not later.

All of the earning’s move is based on the book, “14 Immutable Laws of Business Value“.

Maximizing Business ValueIf you are thinking about a start-up or just starting then the newly released guide, “10 Immutable Laws of Business Ideation” is what we use to guide you to the launch and further. Both give you best practices for your situation.

Business IdeationBoth guides are based on over 30 years of research and hands-on experience. Our International Team helps you find the best value initiative so you have more equity to leverage, for a loan evaluation, or for your personal retirement fund. The Owner is eventually going to exit the business whether planned or not. And they want to get the most from their hard work from over the years. So, we want to help you get the maximum business value from your business. We offer the best way to do this starting with the business value plan.

Leveraging Equity for More Value

So, are you are at the optimal capacity for your business? If yes then what is your next value initiative? We have the proprietary AI software tools and ways to help you make the best decision for moving to the next plateau. At the right time we guide you through ways to leverage current equity for building more market share or other value initiatives.


Micro Business Loans

Getting a loan for a small business could be tough and something you cannot tell a loan officer. Not only do we invest $5,000 into qualified businesses during the first few months of our engagement to identify ways to use bootstrapping instead of a loan but we will help you with procuring a loan. The previous verification/documentation service in the business value plan, as mentioned above, helps any Business Owner secure a loan but it also helps the owner prepare for taking care of the loan.  Also some loan programs require a level of equity that a Loan officer can’t see at first glance. That is one of the reasons why the Business Value A. I. system is so crucial as mentioned above. The system could show the Business Owner untapped ways to show more equity that are doable in a short period of time. Ask for an online complimentary review for your particular situation.