What is your next move?

“Begin with the end in mind.” by Stephen R. Covey

We are all about maximizing a company’s value. Our services are blended with proprietary software applications, and proven systems with guides to assist you with your next move. Whether you have a new idea, start-up or established business valued under 5 million we “begin with end in mind”.

Most everything we offer is online:

  • Verification of Business Assets and Sweat Equity for a Loan Officer or Potential Buyer in a Business Value Plan
  • Equity Leveraging for Market Expansion
  • Business Intelligence and Marketing Research

Why? What? And how are you going to maximize the value of your company to leverage more? We have a proven process that guides you to the next step with an A. I. tool. We have over 30 years experience with forming the right steps for building a foundation of a business to how would we build a business. And then how would you maximize it’s value? later we get into leveraging the equity for expansion or exit.

Not only do we use proprietary tools that are formed around an A.I. system for assisting Business Owners to maximize their company’s business value for more equity but we document the intangible value pillars and drivers that create business value so a loan officer, appraiser or buyer could see their value.While we are working with the intangible value pillars and drivers we are also moving the business towards an ideal business organization where the Owner is working on the business not in it. This two sided “Hockey Approach” gives Companies with whom we work up to a thirty percent increase in discretionary earnings, with a corresponding increase in owner’s equity of 2.5 to 3.0 times this amount! Value strategies are identified specific to your business, allowing you to potentially attain this same increase in value. You could get to know if you qualify to begin on the path to success in an online complimentary review of your specific situation.Maximizing Business Value