“Begin with the end in mind.” by Stephen R. Covey

The  services and applications below have been developed from a business value viewpoint based on principles and laws of business value found in the book “14 Immutable Laws of Business Value“. These services and tools are a suite of software tools for assisting a Business Owner and Advisor while maximizing their company’s value for more equity. Get the “big picture” of business value down to the “right” move, based on principles and laws of business value.


Maximizing Business ValueMaximizing Business Value for More Equity

The main service we provide is maximizing business value for more equity. We do this with proprietary software utilizing intangible value pillars and drivers of the business. Similar to the 3% rule. Where we increase the price 3% the margin 3% and decrease advertising 3% and the bottom line grows over 30%. This is one example. There are many variations since we use over 11 variable plus each business is different. However, when we maximize a company’s value we are increasing the discretionary cash 3 times and value 400 to 600%.

Small Business Loans

A key point here is that the Service above with documentation could help someone secure a loan with more equity.  Many loan programs require a level of equity for a loan that they can’t obtain at first glance. For example a SBA loan.


Maximizing Business ValueMoving Towards an Absentee Run Business

We understand you are not necessarily thinking about selling right now, but, every Business Owner, at some time, either closes their doors or sells. That is why we begin moving your business to autopilot before it is too late. Read an example of how a Business Owner discovered over $210,000 in business value, while moving towards the “ideal organization model“, in the book, “14 Immutable Laws of Business Value“.


Leveraging Equity for More Value

Whether you are ready for leveraging internal, intangible value pillars and drivers for more value and equity or finding more equity for a loan, trade, buyout or merger we have the proprietary software tools and ways to help you. We are focused on maximizing your company’s value for more equity. So, you get more equity for a loan application, trade, buyout or merger.