14 Immutable Laws of Business Value

Violate them at your own risk!

After graduating from the University of Utah (1985) Mr. Whipple went out selling small businesses. He was trained by Broker/Manager Ralph Edwards and Bill Tabor at Venture Resources, Salt Lake City, Utah. They would have him find businesses that had to immediately sell. Then bring the profit and loss statements to them and they would analyze the business. He often found himself wanting to help the business owner build her/his business from his university training but was held back by his manager. They would use ways he was not familiar with to assess a small business for valuing and selling.

Soon, he was elected to the Presidential Committee for selling the most and best businesses. During this time he would ask how they would determine what a “good” business was for selling. They would teach him what they knew. But nothing was written down. He would ask other Brokers similar questions. As he learned, he wrote these concepts down. These teaching are the foundation of,”14 Immutable Laws of Business Value”. There are other concepts but the ones in the book are the main ones that were used time and time again on each business.


Calling upon his 30 years plus of creating new business value in many different businesses, Mr. Whipple has further identified the definitive rules that govern business value along with developing the software used in the process. Have you thought about maximizing your company’s value? What about buying a business? And what you would ask a Seller of a business? And then how would you maximize the value of that growing concern? Using the book to guide you through these questions gives you an extra step above the pack.

They offer a complimentary and confidential discussion on how these principles and laws work with your business to maximize it’s value for more equity. Start today!

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If you do not want to get “real-time” insight into your business (valued at over $750) but, would like to get a feel of the guiding principles and laws. Download 8 pages of  it below:

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This e-guide will give you insight into principles and laws that are either working or not for your business value. Don’t make a move without it.

His keen eye noticed that even the best marketing plan did not include business value initiatives. They were more focused on sales, brand or name recognition than activities that created real business value. With irreverent but honest insights, Mr. Whipple provides advice that oftentimes flies in the face of conventional, but not always successful, business wisdom. LEARN about intangible principles and laws that are working or not working in your company – right now in the book.

Mr. Whipple also found that most improvement initiatives did not consider business value nor were they leveraging business value/equity. Most initiatives are cost-cutting, advertising and productivity measures that do not relate to business value. The e-guide along with the specialized forecasting tools and analysis tools begin a foundation of real value so, you could capitalize on your sweat equity. And be more prepared for the sell of your business.

Further, he learned and understood how one intangible business value principles or laws could have the power to make or break a company’s value even with a great marketing/business strategy. What ones are working in your business or not?


What others are saying about the book: “Now I look at buying or building a business a different way.” Michael “Yes it’s has helped me a lot. I look at business a lot differently now and know more on which one to buy. I’m going to be reading it again today. I feel more confident with your book.” Andrew “David C. Whipple’s book, “The 14 Immutable Laws of Business Value”, with its principles and laws provide insight to positioning one’s business for future opportunities. Being familiar with business operations, marketing, and financial management with more than 3 decades of working and studying the business world, I’ve known these principles and laws existed in all aspects of a business and not brought to light in the manner David has in this book.” Stephen

5 Business Value Myths

  1. The value of your business is what you think it is.
  2. People are going to stay in the business you sell or buy.
  3. A Franchise is a better buy than an established business or distributorship.
  4. Someone will tell you the “true” value of your business.
  5. You will know why they are really selling the business.

The principles or laws in the book are either working for or against your company’s business value, right now. Find the untapped value within your business with an online complimentary review and report with an Ambassador of Business equity. Contact us today!

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Discover in the full version of “14 Immutable Laws of Business Value“ at Amazon and learn:

  • Are your business projects related to business value?
  • What are the intangible constraints of business value?
  • How to build your customer base and with what?
  • How could an International Company start positioning for a buy-out by a U. S. based Company?
  • Why would a U. S. based company pay more for a foreign business?
  • Why is moving a business organization towards an ideal organizational model vital to maximizing business value?

In the full version, there are over 21 pages from the Author in a guideline format, providing a savvy Business Owner/Buyer ways to size-up business value and then build business value that equates to real business equity based on principles and laws that work. Get to know them today to start building real value. Start with an online complimentary review of your business situation. Set a time now!

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