Watch key indexes for small businesses, so, you could make a better decision or suggest a timely acquisition, merger, trade or ESOP. These indexes include indicators like weather, customer buying patterns and small business economic indicators plus specific key indicators for one particular index. Some of the upcoming indexes are Small Business Buying Index, Small Business Selling Index and Small Business Growth Index. These indexes are for small businesses with under $1,000,000 – $5,000,000 in business value. Why would they help a small to midsize business owner?

  • Advertising and Promotion Timing
  • Acquisition, Merge, Trade, Sell or ESOP strategy
  • Sales Analytics and Product Forecasting
  • Business Value Planning
  • Category Management and Sales Planning
  • Product Mix and Inventory Allocation
  • Pricing and Markdown Strategies
  • Logistics and Staffing
  • Actionable Business Intelligence Reports
  • Personal or Business Event Planning
  • Equity Performance Program for Wall Street
  • Energy Demand and Trading Guidance

There are several major categories for the indexes;  retail, service, manufacturing, wholesale, construction and eCommerce industries. Subscribe to these for a minimal subscription price of $45 a month. See example below. For specific sic code based categories with 2 areas, a subscription would be $299 a month.

Weather Index for 2018 of America below. Based on 4 seasons. Ask an Ambassador of Business Equity how it relates to your business situation.*


Get more data to make better decisions!

* National Weather Service

Get more data to make better decisions!